Q. I have a branch practice does 4vet work over the internet?

Absolutely! There are a number of options available including remote terminal services, synchronisation and direct connection all these function over the internet.

Q. What happens if I stop paying the rental?

You can continue using your existing database but will no longer be able to add new records or modify existing ones.

Q. Can I take a laptop with me on house/farm calls?

Absolutely! 4vet includes a synchronisation package that allows you to take a copy of the data off site when you get back to base just connect it to the network and all changes made are automatically synchronised. All you need to do is pay for a client license for the laptop.

Q. What about extra modules?

4vet is provided "as is" and it includes all the functions, including the built in word processor and spreadsheet as part of the basic package. So there are no extra modules.Mac to Basics is committed to improving 4vet on a continuing basis. All future improvements are covered by your rental contract. The only exception to this will be if a new module requires extra licensing from another vendor in this case it will be passed on to you at cost.

Q. What about Office products?

4vet includes the 4D Write word processor and the 4D View spreadsheet, while these are not as sophisticated as Word or Excel they should be adequate for most uses. In any case you will not be required to have a copy of Microsoft Office on all of your machines.

Q. Do I need a Server operating system?

4vet will of course run on Microsoft 2003/2008 server and MacOS X server but it is not necessary to do so. A standard copy of Windows XP, Vista or 7 or MacOS X (10.4 min) is all that is required and recommended.

Q. Do I need to pay extra for client access licenses?

The client access licensing (with Microsoft Windows systems) are not required for 4vet as it handles all client access via 4D Server.