4Vet manages all your clinic records in an easy to use, intuitive package. The screens flow logically to track patients from the front door, through your care, and home again. Information is readily available and easily accessed in varying contexts. Generatable income is increased through the ability to recall pets, remind owners, and trace segments of yourt client base for specific purposes. This translates to thorough service and personalised care from your clients’ perspective, and increases compliance and return visits from your point of view.

4Vet' s recalls and reminders can be generated via phone, post, email or SMS, or by a combination of these. You can choose what suits your protocols and your client's accessibility.4Vet boasts an integral word processor, allowing mail mergable documents such as personalised home care instructions, targetted letters or clinic newletters. It can also be used to design your own certificates and invoices.

4Vet has text insert capabilities allowing for entry of pathology results, to keep pet records complete - no need for external filing of results. 4Vet also has the capacity to store images, such as Xrays and photos as part of a pet history.

4Vet keeps complete stock control records, including an S8 register, expiry dates and modifiable labelling of prescription drugs. Stock control improves profitability.

4Vet allows you to define client categories, and set discount schedules - no more hit and miss - no more temptation to over-discount as it is automatic.

Good software continues to evolve as needs change and technology advances. 4Vet is committed to regular up-grades with exciting developments scheduled for the near future. 4Vet Practices are invited to join a list to suggest other modifications and features which enhance the software further.

4Vet updates can be installed automatically using remote access software - no geeks required!