7.1.0 Released

Version 7.1.0 (Bruce Cabot)

Released 21 April 2010

New and Modified Features


Client Address Labels Using Dymo Printer


Cancelling a stored or new consult, optional preference to request confirmation.

This is under the Preferences menu (on mac under 4D Client, windows under Edit)


Can report recalls from appointment diary

FR-00031 Can now delete pdf/images if administrator
FR-00036 Pets Screen - Get Rid of Weights Horiz. Scroll Bar (sort of)
FR-00037 Double Click Pet Details in Appointment Diary - now show all reminders.
FR-00038 Set Default Department for Cash Sales
FR-00042 Breed - Prevent Spurious Additions, added "sounds like" search
FR-00043 Track Locations for Consults
FR-00044 Print options within Client window

Bug Fixes
BR-00058 Consultation Shortcuts didn't work on Windows
BR-00062 Pressing Cancel on Print Label Doesn't Cancel
Printing from within client & pet window would change order.
BR-00059 New Consult Button from Pet List
BR-00060 Fix Locale on Cash Sale Screen (interface anomaly)